Introducing Bridgit

Bridgit is a Frontier Tech (AI, Blockchain, AR/VR) startup that is building a cornerstone of the Post-Google Internet.

We envision a future where the Internet is not dominated and shaped by one company, and search is not the only way to find what we need.

Bridgit is shifting the dominant content discovery paradigm from Search to Focus.

In Google’s Internet, when you see something interesting on a site, if there is no link, you have to leave the site to search on Google. You sift through the first few pages of a million+ search results, many of which appear to be the same article over and over again. Maybe you find something. Maybe you change the search terms…

In the future, as you move your attention, parts of the page light up. If you hold your attention on one of these, a list of information related with that content element appear instantaneously. This includes annotations, context-relevant ads, and bridges. Bridges connect a content element on one page with a content element on another page. Collectively, the bridges constitute a clean and highly connected content network that allows you to find what you need in a fraction of the time and effort of Search.

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