This is the typical page. No links in the text, no links in the images. Links only on the books which are promotions. That’s where we are at; people only make links when it serves their interest. There is no consideration of knowledge or the general good. It’s time for a change.



Notice the pink overlays. Each of these are “activated” content elements. The numbers in the upper right hand corner are the number of links connected to the content element. Mousing over displays a popup with the first level of detail for the links associated with the content element.


Join us on the path to the
Post Google Internet

Bridgit will catalyze the reimagining and rebuilding the Internet so that it fulfills its initial promise. Be part of a generative community of knowledge workers that build the collective intelligence and wisdom of the world. Unlike most other blockchain projects, this community has the potential to create tremendous value beyond the network itself.

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