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We encourage participation and feedback in order to enhance the Bridgit user experience. Send us your feedback, suggestions, and ideas.

Bridgit is a community-powered tool and we depend on users as both creators and collaborators.

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Why Bridgit?

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Whether you research Life Sciences, Health & Wellness, Legal, Climate Change, or Tech -- you find valuable content snippets in studies, stories, images, and social media on a regular basis.
Now, simply bridge those content snippets to create an "online knowledge" map.

Create bridges when you find content you want to save for later -- no more bookmark black holes.
Whenever a Bridgit user visits a page with a bridge, the content will light up, revealing a 360-degree contextual view.

Follow users, content snippets, tags, and topics to be notified of new content.
Build off other users' bridges and connect yours to the community's online knowledge map! Collaboration without coordination.