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Bridgit is powering the trusted web of the future... a social knowledge network that operates as a browser overlay.

Bridgit enables one to quickly find trustworthy information and identify fake posts and false news by themselves,


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Bridgit won the 2019 Disruptive Technology Culture Driver  award from the EU's flagship Next Generation Internet program !

The Next-Generation Internet is
the Internet of Ideas

The Page-Based Internet is optimized for linear reading
yet not well suited for discovery and learning

The Internet of Ideas will enhance:
Knowledge Collaboration
Fake News Discernment
Content Discovery


Tokenize Your Research

The App that Pays You
 to Build
the Internet of Ideas

Below are some ways you can participate:

  • Building bridges
  • Annotating pages
  • Curating bridges and notes
  • Shill spotting
  • Troll tracking
  • Bot blocking
  • Translating
  • Transcribing
  • Watching ads
  • Improving content
  • Managing topics
  • Writing great stories

People Don’t Know What’s Real 

“The holier-than-thou hypocrisy of big media companies
who lay claim to the truth,
but publish only enough to sugarcoat the lie,
is why the public no longer respects them!”
~ Elon Musk

Bridgit is the first People-Powered Evidence-Based Content Platform.

See the supporting and opposing evidence for every idea on any web page.

Access Breakthrough Knowledge

The first app of
the Bridgit browser makes
Content Discovery
orders of magnitude faster
and more effective than


Be a thought leader
Express yourself
Help others

Get Followers

•   Highlight ideas on any web page
•   Attach notes that can be public or private
•   Build bridges (conceptual links) to other ideas
•   Share notes and bridges rather than the entire page

Core Team


Daveed Room
Extended Reality/Product


Colin Stewart


Z Johnson PhD
Experience Design


Tracey Osbourne
Education & Research


Clifford Chapman III
Business Development


Allah El Henson




Josh Bachynski
SEO Expert
Filmaker of Don't Be Evil


Ben Bartlett
Berkeley City Councilor
Tokenized Microbonds


Laurel Hilbert
Blind Visionary
Featured in Time
Accessible Experience Design


Larry Jackson
MBA, Clark U
10+ Years Senior Accenture Staff


Reena Jadhav
MBA, Harvard
Marketing Entrepreneur
Founder Advisor 


Abeed Janmohamed
AdTech and Startup Advisor
Volando Global


Daisy Ozim
Blockchain for
Social Impact,
Reslient Wellness


Michele Sconiers
JD/MBA, Stanford
Blockchain Finance


Robert David Steele
Post Google Internet


Gregory Kennedy
Co-Founder. Wild Idea Research and Development  & SYRP Protocol Co-Creator


Be a Trailblazer along the path to the Internet of Ideas

Bridgit is helping reimagine and rebuild the Web so that it fulfills its initial promise. Be part of a community of knowledge workers that work together to build the world's collective intelligence and wisdom.

  • Join us early. There are only 5,000 spots in the public beta.
  • Your Bridgit number will be the order in which you joined the network and is by default visible on your profile as well as your rank within the geography.
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  • The earlier in your geography, the greater chance to win bounties and experiences.

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Bounties - Rewards for Team Bridgit

If you help us get Bridgit off the ground, we consider you part of Team Bridgit and want you to share in Bridgit's success. Here are our current bounties:

  • Join Bridgit's Telegram - 100 tokens
  • Join BETA and make at least 7 quality public bridges (tag with keeper) - 1000 tokens
  • Medium (or other established blog) post with image about an insight from using Bridgit in the subject area of your choice and link to Bridgit site and Bridgit's Telegram -  1,000 tokens
  • Virtual Internship Program - (Details coming soon)
  • Refer your friends (Details coming soon)
  • Country Ambassadors (Details coming soon)

Note that Bounty tokens will be delivered within one week of the forthcoming token generation event.

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