Ever wonder why things are the way they are? Before the Internet, we did not have the information needed to ensure wise decisions. Now we are swimming in a sea of information. We are in a perpetual state of Information Overload.

Sparse Network

The Internet is a sparse network. Most of the links on web pages are self-referential, meaning they link back to the same site.

Rich Network

Bridgit creates a rich network, where many content elements on pages have tens if not hundreds of validated, high quality links to content elements on other pages.

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Noisy Network

The Internet is mainly about content proliferation, and much of which is fake news, ill-informed, promotional, or posted for SEO.

High Signal-to-Noise

Bridgit creates a high signal-to-noise Internet by overlaying links provided and validated by the crowd. The best rise to the top but the entire set of validated links can be filtered.

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Gamed Search

Search is almost completely gamed. Rankings are more from SEO. And surprise, Google only indexes 0.04% of the web.

Find It All

Move from a Search to a Find Paradigm. Bridgit covers the entire web. Any page with static content can be linked, even potentially the dark web. Search that learns.

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Have you ever felt like you were missing pieces of the puzzle?

Or the Internet is not designed for you to find what you need….

Get Smart

Toggle on Bridgit. Follow "smart links" that link content elements on the page to content elements on other pages

Get Smarter

Escape the revolving door between content and search. Links are validated by the crowd. The best ones rise to the top but the entire set of validated links can be filtered.

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Get Clear

See the entire map of the connections between content elements. Find supplementary information without searching. Get clear on what's really going on.

Get Clearer

Give your mind a break and use a map. You don't have to hold it all in your head or make notes on Slack. When you see the connections, everything will get clearer.

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Get Paid

Get paid for making links. Get paid for curating links. Get paid for annotations. Get paid for upvoting, sharing, and commenting.

Get Well Paid

The next Gold Rush will be for links. Work smart not hard. making links is easy, much easier than making content but it can create tremendous value for the world.

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Are you a citizen Journalist? Do you reference Internet Content in your videos?

Check out YouMapz!

Boost Wisdom

Be part of a generative community of knowledge workers that are literally building the collective intelligence and wisdom of the world. Unlike most other blockchain projects, this community has the potential to create value beyond the network itself. Bridgit will catalyze the reimagining and rebuilding the Internet so that it fulfills its initial promise.

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