The web is the most powerful communication tool ever invented. So why has it gotten so confusing and chaotic ... leaving us to question the legitimacy of what we're reading?

Bridgit makes the internet more trustworthy, equitable, and inclusive by building relevant connections between ideas online, much like the synaptic connections of the human brain. Building bridges creates a decentralized knowledge base that is hundreds of times more powerful than the current internet allows.

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360-degree context

Instead of archaic A-to-B links, see the complete context of any idea with multiple pathways to and from content.

Trustworthy content

Rapid, Community-supported sourcing to validate or refute information.

Never lose a thread

No more bookmark black holes. Bridgit makes it easy to store, tag, and revisit important ideas online.

Get rewarded

Earn rewards for sharing knowledge and building a stronger, more equitable internet.

Annotated overlay

Add notes to content for personal memos or to supply additional background to other Bridgit users.

Knowledge communities

Connect with and follow Bridge builders who share your passions.

Decentralize knowledge

Bridgit's technology frees information from intermediaries and interruptions.

Simple. Connected. Transparent.

Interacting with Bridgit is simple! After installing the extension you are ready to begin building bridges to make links between one piece of information and another.

For example, you can build a bridge between a photo and a piece of text. The text you bridge from might contradict what's illustrated in the photo, or it might support it. You decide.

Simple Connected Transparent

Newly Launched!

Be part of the inaugural group of Bridgit users and install the extension to your Chrome browser with one click

Learn more about Bridgit's Alpha product and how to participate by providing feedback, suggestions, and ideas.

Newly Launched